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personal cloud

A small server in a home or small business network that can be accessed over the Internet. Designed for storing photos and videos that can be shared with friends and family, personal clouds enable viewing and streaming from any Internet-connected personal computer and mobile device. Although personal clouds function in a similar manner to any private cloud set up in a company, their primary feature is easy installation for the average consumer.

The Pogoplug Cloud
One of the first personal clouds, this Pogoplug model (pink unit) connected four drives via USB to the local Ethernet. Subsequent models added support for SATA drives. Sharing data across the Internet, Pogoplugs sync with additional units for storage and backup. (Image courtesy of Cloud Engines, Inc.,

Various Kinds
Personal clouds come from a variety of manufacturers, such as these Western Digital (WD) and Seagate units advertised side-by-side on a shelf in Staples.
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The news comes as Australian research firm, Telsyte, released a new study that reveals a growing concern about the security of personal cloud storage services, and ranks BlackBerry as the leading MDM (enterprise mobile device and application management) vendor in Australia and New Zealand.
Most personal cloud storage services provide similar features: automatic backup of files from a PC, storage (frequently with limitations on the number of files or number of bytes), and retrieval anytime, anywhere with Android or iOS apps.
This app manager not only lets you manage your currents apps but also enables you to download and use other compatible apps with your Personal Cloud storage.
Capable of the usual content creation or management, it also has considerable storage space that can create a personal cloud storage capability accessible through the BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) apps that are included.
MANILA -- A Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC) company, and a worldwide leader in storage solutions, today introduced significant enhancements to WD's family of My CloudA(r) personal storage devices, including a new, redesigned My Cloud OS 3 operating system, Software Developer Kit (SDK) enabling enhanced app integration and a dual-drive My Cloud Mirror personal cloud storage offering increased memory and faster processing performance than previous generations.
Despite Amazon's dominance of the e-commerce market, Amazon Cloud Drive was never among the best or most popular options in the personal cloud storage market.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-January 5, 2015-Seagate launches Personal Cloud storage
By 2018, half of the world's population will have residential Internet access, and more than half of those users' (53 per cent) content will be supported by personal cloud storage services, the report said.
A global survey by Fortinet found that 70% of personal account holders have used their personal cloud storage accounts for work purposes.
Personal cloud storage is growing very fast with Google Drive and SkyDrive offering a minimum amount of free storage space in the cloud for free.
If you only need immediate and convenient access to files wherever you are, then the personal cloud storage would be perfect for you, provided you are connected to the Web.
ABI Research forecasts that the active accounts associated with personal cloud storage services will exceed one billion at the end of 2013, nearly twice as many as a year ago.

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