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From the perspective of Personal Construct Theory these individuals should use personal constructs that reveal the Fruit of the Spirit, and those who are more spiritually mature should use such constructs to make sense of a wider range of events than those who are less spiritually mature.
Personal construct theory: Concepts and applications.
They based their underlying theory on a combination of Personal Construct Theory, mentioned above, and a less developed but ultimately more flexible body of theory, `mental models' (Johnson-Laird, 1983; Rogers et al., 1992).
Personal construct theory can therefore be considered to have met the "test of time" in its own terms, but what is its status from a more external perspective?
Personal construct theory and its history in pragmatism.
From there, Larry Leitner applies his experiential approach to personal construct theory in considering the idea of transpersonal reverence.
The terrors of cognition: On the experiential validity of personal construct theory. In D.
Even a superficial glance at personal construct theory shows the salience and importance of the model of person used throughout Kelly's work (Kelly, 1955/1991).
Landridge & Butt, 2005) have been seeking a more explicit understanding of embodiment within personal construct theory. Experiential personal constructivism has elaborated personal construct theory by balancing the cognitive and non-cognitive aspects of the theory.
These groups are based on the clinical approach of Kelly (1955) and personal construct theory (PCT), which "can provide a fertile clinical perspective for the analysis of inter-spousal violence" (Hallschmid, Black, & Checkley, 1983, p.
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