personal drone

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personal drone

A small unmanned flying vehicle that is used for entertainment or to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective. Remotely controlled and battery driven, a personal drone's flight duration is measured in minutes. Using at least three propellers, although four are generally the norm (see quadcopter), personal drones operate like a tiny helicopter and lift straight up off the ground. See UAV, insect drone and selfie drone.

Optional GoPro Camera Access
Introduced in 2015, 3DR's Solo drone was designed to access the GoPro's controls remotely and stream live from the camera. A simulated "virtual cable" can be set up between two points that allows the user to pan and tilt the GoPro on a safe flight plan. (Image courtesy of 3DR,

Tethered to the Ground
With wireless drones, range and connectivity limitations are problems. CyPhy Works' Pocket Flyer is wired to the ground station controller via a 250-foot, ultra-thin microfilament. Tethering provides unlimited flight time and smooth HD video. (Image courtesy of CyPhy Works Inc.,

Just for Fun
Small "micro" drones such as the QUARK from Rooftop Brands are designed for entertainment. The unit is charged via USB, but the remote control uses two AAA batteries.

The Nixie wraps around the wrist until it is let loose to follow and record the user's adventures. (Image courtesy of Nixie Labs, Inc.,
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All three of the biggest personal drone makers -- DJI, Parrot and 3D Robotics -- have formed a coalition to lobby the Federal Aviation Administraiton to help develop standards for personal drone use.
The market is currently filling up with personal drone aircraft.
Charlie Bargman II used his personal drone to scan the river in case the man had jumped.
GoPro to add drones to product offerings GoPro is counting on name recognition to give it an edge as it enters the highly competitive personal drone market.
But it could be someone's personal drone coming to the skies near you.
vehicles can't arrive by air until manufacturers and regulators figure out how to keep them from bumping into buildings, commercial planes, personal drones and each other.
The Consumer Technology Association reports that 2.4 million personal drones were sold in the US alone in 2016, double the number sold in America in 2015.
However, the demand for personal drones is declining as the initial enthusiasm over owning them has waned.

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