personal firewall

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personal firewall

Software installed in a user's computer that offers protection against unwanted intrusion and attacks coming from the Internet. Personal firewalls are available from numerous security vendors, and Windows XP includes its own (see Windows Firewall).

Router Firewalls
For home and small business networks, a router with a built-in firewall is often used, and personal firewalls can be disabled, although they are often kept running as well. The central firewall provides easier administration than a firewall in each user's machine.

Enterprise Firewalls
In an enterprise, a firewall is often a stand-alone appliance. In addition, a comprehensive security program may comprise several firewall functions in different venues, each providing a different level of protection. See firewall, software firewall and IDS.
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Symantec's Norton Personal Firewall 2003 and Norton Internet Security 200 3 will be offered to U.S.
Such providers have already evaluated best-of-breed Internet access, authentication, VPN, personal firewall and antivirus products and are familiar with their capabilities.
For example, Personal Firewall can leverage virus definitions in AntiVirus, Lee said.
"Symantec has long been recognized as the premier Macintosh utility company, and our Norton Personal Firewall solution features the sophisticated technology and intuitive interface that Macintosh users demand to protect their always-on connections."
Michele Lewington, managing director of Network Utilities, noted that, "Network Utilities is delighted to have been selected to market and support InfoExpress' FireWalker VPN Suite and CyberArmor Suite personal firewall into the U.K.
The solution reportedly comprises of anti-spyware, personal firewall, spam filter, anti-phishing tools, as well as an updated version of AVG Anti-Virus.
(Nasdaq: SYMC) has announced that its Norton Personal Firewall and Norton AntiVirus solutions will be preinstalled on all new HP Pavilion and Presario desktop PCs.
There is also a personal firewall program in C-MI Express, which filters Internet traffic and protects the user's computer and confidential data against hackers and Trojans, as well as preventing denial-of-service attacks.
Included in the package will be the Norton AntiVirus and Norton Personal Firewall products while the cost of the service will be added to the subscriber's monthly EarthLink invoice.
Tiscali claims that the client is configured with the company's security policy and as a result defined remote access security policies will be enforced and monitored including: anti-virus software; personal firewall software; IPSec VPN encryption and monitoring; and connection teardown if a breach occurs.
The Internet security service offering now protects T-Online's 10m subscribers in Germany from hackers and online intrusions through the addition of Norton Personal Firewall as well as Norton AntiVirus.

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