personal identification number

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Personal Identification Number

(PIN, "PIN number") A password, typically four digits entered through a telephone keypad or automatic teller machine.
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personal identification number

A short number used to authenticate an account holder. See PIN.
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When people talk about a "Pin number" they are actually asking for a "Personal Identification Number number", which irritates me for reasons a court-appointed psychiatrist will probably have to deal with at a later date.
Members of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee asked the Board to study debit card fees imposed by financial institutions when their customers complete a point-of-sale debit transaction by providing their personal identification number, or PIN.
HandReader functions in conjunction with a six-digit personal identification number. Security experts claim that the use of biometric equipment helps free up personnel for other duties.
The alert lists Ma's personal identification number and the numbers of two victims whose ID cards Ma is suspected of stealing.
In addition to receiving their EIN, taxpayers will also receive a separate mailing containing an EFTPS personal identification number and instructions for activating their enrollment (by calling a toll-flee telephone number, entering banking information and completing an authorization for EFTPS to transfer funds to Treasury's account for tax payments, per their instructions).
Automatic teller machine cards regularly were compromised because victims either had the personal identification number (PIN) code in their wallets or had a PIN that the pickpocket easily could determine.
Members will be required to register and create a OnePass Online Auction profile using their OnePass number and personal identification number (PIN).
The system uses two-factor authentication -- something you know (a Personal Identification Number) and something you have (the USB token) -- to provide a stronger level of authentication than the standard user ID and password.
A better way to ensure authentication would be to use a hardware token or smart card, together with a personal identification number or biometrics, the report notes.
More commonly, parties to lower-value transactions are authenticated using the "password-and-PIN" method: a combination of a password to access a system and a Personal Identification Number to authorize a transaction.
NEVER write down your personal identification number (PIN).
As for security, Moore said, "We've added an extra layer of security by requiring that members use a password, in addition to their account number and personal identification number, whereas many financial institutions only require their customers to use their account number and PIN." He said Members First uses 128-bit encryption, the highest security available, for all transactions handled through CU@Home.

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