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flat foot,

condition of the human footfoot,
in anatomy, terminal part of the land vertebrate leg. The term is also applied to any invertebrate appendage used either for locomotion or attachment, e.g., the legs of insects and crustacea, and the single locomotive appendage of the clam.
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 in which the entire sole rests on the ground when the person is standing. When the foot muscles are weakened or the ligaments are strained and stretched, the arch lowers, so that instead of the natural curved contour, there is flattening of the entire sole. Sometimes no discomfort accompanies flat foot. However, fallen arches may cause disalignment of other foot structures so that there is pain not only in the arch area but also in the calf muscles and sometimes as far up as the lower back; the discomfort is increased by prolonged standing. Flat foot may be inherited or may be caused by rickets, obesity, metabolic disorder, debilitating disease, or faulty footwear. Treatment and exercise directed by an orthopedic physician are sometimes advisable. Arch supports or other devices to be worn inside the shoe are often prescribed.
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Inspection and gait assessment results (n=318) Yes No Total n % n % n % Pes planus 76 23.9 242 76.1 318 100.0 Increased thoracic kyphosis 43 13.5 275 86.5 318 100.0 Shoulder asymmetry 33 10.4 285 89.6 318 100.0 Plano valgus 29 9.1 289 90.9 318 100.0 Scapular wing 8 2.5 310 97.5 318 100.0 Antalgic gait 5 1.6 313 98.4 318 100.0 Genu valgum 4 1.3 314 98.7 318 100.0 Genu varum 3 0.9 315 99.1 318 100.0 Pelvic asymmetry 3 0.9 315 99.1 318 100.0 Increased cervical lordosis 2 0.6 316 99.4 318 100.0 Persistent femoral anteversion 2 0.6 316 99.4 318 100.0 Circumduction gait 1 0.3 317 99.7 318 100.0 Recurvatum 0 0.0 318 100.0 318 100.0 Toe walking 0 0.0 318 100.0 318 100.0 Trendelenburg 0 0.0 318 100.0 318 100.0 Table 3.
A satisfactory system, using previously reported techniques, for diagnosing mobile pes planus.
Pes planus is a common medical condition defined as flattening in the medial longitudinal arch of the foot during bearing weight and orthopedic practice.12 According to the HAR of TAF mild flexible pes planus have code A and they enlist to military service.
Other features such as acro-osteolysis and pes planus were absent in proband but present in the elder sibling.
En sik gorulen ayak anomalileri pes planus ve halluks valgus, en sik gorulen el anomalileri Kirner deformitesi ve klinodaktili olmustur.
The patient's pes planus with mild heel eversion and overpronation contributed to added tensile stresses on the plantar fascia.
The examiner should evaluate the patient for assessment of pes planus and contracture of the Achilles tendon.
(7,14,15) In several studies, no relationship was found between developing a pes planus and the accessory navicular.
I also remember large water-filled footbaths with conduction plates in the bottom on which clients would place their feet to have electrical currents passed through them to cure pes planus (apparently).
Ayagin medial longitudinal ark (MLA) yuksekliginin azalmasi veya tamamen kaybolmasi pes planus olarak tanimlanir (1-3).
Pes planus, pes cavus, dizde artmis Q acisi, asiri ayak pronasyonu, bacak uzunluk farki, asiri eklem hiper- mobilitesi gibi anatomik etkenler de yaralanma nedenleri arasinda olup, spora ilk baslama lisans muayenelerinde saptanarak, gerekli tedaviye alinmalidir (9).
Flat feet - Pes Planus to give it its proper name - is a relatively common condition.