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[¦pē¦ē′tē or pet]
(organic chemistry)
(organic chemistry)

What does it mean when you dream about your pet?

If we have a pet that we are close to, then a dream about this animal can simply be a reflection of our everyday life experience. Alternatively, a tame animal such as a pet can represent our animal drives, though they tend to represent a domesticated version. This dream could represent a desire to be treated like a pet—to be “petted”—or to have someone else become dependent on us like a pet.

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has been the home of PET recycling facilities for decades and served as the headquarters for the former Image Carpets, which was founded in 1976.
The new deposit law thus indirectly boosted German consumption of PET beer containers in Germany from 150 million to 1 billion per year, according to Gordon Bockner, president of consulting firm Business Development Associates.
Three kinds of chloroform solutions each containing the PET fibers and having a different concentration were prepared and a dropping time of the solutions was measured using an Ubbelohde viscometer, and thereafter, a specific viscosity of the solutions having the respective concentrations was calculated and the intrinsic viscosity thereof was determined.
Berner Plastic Group SL in Aldaya (Valencia), Spain, takes five- and seven-layer barrier film scrap from blown film processors and alloys the material in an extruder with PET bottle flake, then extrudes the mix into monofilament for brush bristles.
According to NAPCOR, the amount of PET shipped to export markets in 2002 grew 17.
The three most commonly used methods for trimming PET involve using steel-rule dies, forged dies, and matched-metal dies.
The breakthrough by PCC and RPC is the incorporation of a lever lid in a PET can.
Today, the only known commercial foamer of PET in the U.
In general, these trials showed that PD-8201 permits a wider molding "window" than other PET materials, Boulier reports.
The Web site for pet boutique Bow Wow, where Marks shopped for Dakota, reminds customers that pets deserve the creme de la creme.
Straw goes beyond the physical aspects of health and discusses the importance of giving thoughtful consideration to the emotional health of pets and to guarding them against unnecessary stresses that can lead to anxiety, depression, or other maladies.
Veterinary costs are growing as more pets receive sophisticated medical treatments--including hip replacements, cataract surgery and chemotherapy--which range in cost from $100 to $10,000.