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Obsolete (of beer, etc.) of low alcoholic strength


All else being equal, smaller is usually preferable in sustainable building. Larger buildings and spaces require more materials and energy to construct and use more resources to heat, cool, and maintain.

What does it mean when you dream about being small?

If something looks small and distant in a dream, it may be something related to an experience way back in the dreamer’s past. This was an interpretation put forward by Sigmund Freud. (See also Little, Shrink).


Functional, lazy, untyped.

["SMALL - A Small Interactive Functional System", L. Augustsson, TR 28, U Goteborg and Chalmers U, 1986].


A toy language used to illustrate denotational semantics.

["The Denotational Description of Programming Languages", M.J.C. Gordon, Springer 1979].
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With La Petite Maison's arrival, visitors to The Galleria on Al Maryah Island can look forward to another addition to what is fast becoming a dining destination.
La Petite Maison Abu Dhabi's menu will boast the restaurant's highly-acclaimed signature dishes, bringing together heirloom recipes passed down through generations with a contemporary flair, using only the finest produce and served with warmth and polished efficiency.
That puts Petite Creme in the same ballpark as Chobani or Fage 0% plain greek yogurt (around 90 calories and no sat fat, plus 15 grams of protein and 15 percent of a day's calcium in 5.
The petite clothes from Topshop and Asos sometimes fitted but they weren't of the quality I wanted to wear to work.
The great thing about NEXT PETITES is that everything is specifically cut and tailored to fit petite frames.
Working for a lobbying law firm that does not reveal the identity of its clients (the firm has not signed the transparency register) makes Petite's independence "fundamentally questionable," say the NGOs, calling once again for Barroso to fire Petite.
As spokesperson, Redknapp modelled several garments from the collection, including lemon jeans, petite dresses and rose printed trousers.
a major Petite Sirah producer, donated $30,000 in seed money for planting and project startup.
Our winner will be able to choose from one of three new spring Precis Petite lines -all tailored for the petite figure.
Specialising in tailoring for petite women of 5ft 3in and under, Precis Petite knows exactly how to fit and flatter the petite figure.
BASED TANIMURA & ANTLE has introduced Tanimura & Antle Artisan Lettuce--a unique product offering a variety of mature, petite head lettuces that until now were not readily available in grocery stores.