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see fossilfossil,
remains or imprints of plants or animals preserved from prehistoric times by the operation of natural conditions. Fossils are found in sedimentary rock, asphalt deposits, and coal and sometimes in amber and certain other materials.
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the conversion of the remains of animals and plants into fossils as a result of the action of a number of factors: temperature and pressure,- the replacement of skeletal matter by other mineral substances, and the filling of cavities in organic residue by other mineral substances.

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A fossilization process whereby inorganic matter dissolved in water replaces the original organic materials, converting them to a stony substance.
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The state protects public, private, and cooperative property, and the first phase of the process of developing the Petrified Forest Protected Area cost about EGP 12m, and was opened on Saturday to visitors.
Pte James's room-mate at the time of her death said they were "petrified" of Sgt Gavaghan and claimed he spied on female recruits while they were on guard duty.
When having a look at the legends, we can see that there are various reasons for being petrified. According to Nesrin Feyzioglu, "Sometimes a curse (imprecation) causes petrifaction; sometimes those who commit sin are petrified by undergoing the wrath of God.
I see a forest of petrified trees; and like the rings that mark every year a tree has lived and grown, if we look closely, we can see our layers of character, wisdom, and experience for each year we have lived here.
This was Ekta Kapoor's first bike ride as she has always been too petrified of two- wheelers
The Petrified Forest National Park lies in the Chinle Formation.
Santucci had been hired by the superintendent of Petrified Forest National Park to help with a vexing problem: Visitors were pocketing small pieces of petrified wood to take home as souvenirs, which was adding up to a significant loss.
A "PETRIFIED" woman has told a court she thought she was going to be raped by DJ Dave Lee Travis when she was 15 at a Showaddywaddy concert.
This petrified wood is about 23.03 to 5.3 million years old according geological time period of Miocene.
PETRIFIED: Commentator Megan Taff Joining them will be Megan Taff, the trotting star from Llangernyw, who made her debut in front of the mic at Tairgwaith in June.
Nestled on more than 20 acres in Madison County is a natural history treasure--the Mississippi Petrified Forest--created over time from weather and erosion that have transformed the earth's once-living trees into "stone giants."