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see flycatcherflycatcher,
common name for various members of the Old World family Muscicapidae, insectivorous songbirds including the kingbirds, phoebes, and pewees. Flycatchers vary in color from drab to brilliant, as in the crested monarch and paradise flycatchers of Asia and Africa.
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Pewee also called on government allocate more resources to accelerate industrial growth and national development.
Here, the Pewee I test reactor has been selected for this study.
Nine-year-old Joe Stuart, the talented schoolboy who attends Knotty Ash Primary, claimed the boys pewee green belt to become English champion.
Todd Freeman, as diminutive club owner Pewee Abernathy, also delivers an extraordinary performance, and an appealingly quirky one, combining dry humor with neurosis to create an oddly lovable panderer.
Other migratory birds known to frequent traditional coffee farms include the ovenbird, wood thrush, Baltimore oriole, ruby-throated and buff-bellied hummingbirds, swallow-tailed kite, Kentucky warbler, hermit warbler, painted bunting, greater pewee, chuck-will's-widow and short-tailed hawk.
YET again Longford Park is blighted with travellers, to add to the pewee bike problems.
Engines: fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration & emission solutions & electrical pewee generation systems
Macon is a [F.sub.4:5] head row selection derived from the cross 'Serra'/'Westbred 926'// 'Tanager 'S"(PI 519878)/'Pewee 'S' (PI 519819), which was made in 1993.