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see cryptogamcryptogam,
in botany, term used to denote a plant that produces spores, as in algae, fungi, mosses, and ferns, but not seeds. The term cryptogam, from the Greek kryptos, meaning "hidden," and gamos,
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a plant having flowers. (Phanerogams include the gymnosperms.) Phanerogams are the opposite of crypotgams, which do not have flowers. Both concepts, which were proposed by C. Linnaeus, are antiquated.


A plant that produces seeds, for example, an angiosperm or gymnosperm.
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Rhyncanthera dichotoma is a hydrophitic phanerogamic shrub (0.5-2.0 m high) that occurs in temporary aquatic ecosystems, and the flowering period of this plant occurs once a year between March and May.
The phanerogamic communities occuping the uppermost zones of the tidal mudflats are poor in species and are classified within the Thero-Salicornietea.