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It was a phantom call. No one watching the match whether live in Belfast or on television saw a penalty.
In fact, the F-4 was so intimidating that other fighter jets used Phantom call signs (e.g., Budweiser, Michelob, etc.) deceptively, making false HARM-launch radio calls on frequencies monitored by the Iraqis in order to trick SAM operators, who would power-down their radars in an attempt to hide from an imaginary F-4 firing an imaginary HARM missile.
Matthew Jones, a racecourse commentator and radio broadcaster in Australia, did a "phantom call" at Aintree this week and predicted the outcome of the 2002 Martell Grand National.
The phantom call is a spoof commentary of what might happen on April 6 and something which is a feature of the build-up to many big races 'down under'.
Summary: Company owner suffers 10 days of phantom calls to Mauritania when no one was in office
In this paper we have developed a novel phantom called the T-Phantom (Trajectory Phantom) which is to the author's knowledge the first stereotactic phantom which enables simultaneous measurements both in deviation from target and entry positions and angular deviation from the planned trajectory.
Al Jazeera is hiding the phantom called Glenn Ellis, Dnevnik says on its front page.
It is on record that the US created phantom called Taliban which was later joined by the mercenaries from many countries.
"Phantom calls represent 77 per cent of the emergency calls that Dubai Police Control Room received last year.
A BAFFLED businessman is being forced to pay pounds 500 for 17,000 phantom calls to the speaking clock.
Marketing residential phone service, VTR hawks its lines as "untappable" and void of the so-called phantom calls mysteriously added to telephone bills in Chile.