phases of matter

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phases of matter:

see states of matterstates of matter,
forms of matter differing in several properties because of differences in the motions and forces of the molecules (or atoms, ions, or elementary particles) of which they are composed.
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New, strange phases of matter may include things like a molecular supersolid, a type of matter in which the molecules would be arranged in a solid shape but could flow inside the solid without friction.
Kids can learn about crystallization, specific heat, the phases of matter, conversions, volumes and weights, and other science fundamentals.
The author cites the organization implicit in the phases of matter and the paradoxical role of collective behavior in quantum measurement.
The laws of thermodynamics predict that gases and other phases of matter progress toward a state of maximum entropy.
Confusingly the term "gauge" is still used although it refers no longer to changes in the phases of matter waves and of the internal properties of subatomic particles (the properties that determine their identities, really) that are related to the phases.