Phenyl Salicylate

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phenyl salicylate

[¦fen·əl sə′lis·ə‚lāt]
(organic chemistry)

Phenyl Salicylate


(or salol), an antiseptic. The therapeutic action of phenyl salicylate is based on its capability to decompose in the intestines to yield salicylic acid and phenol, substances that repress intestinal flora and (because they are excreted partly by the kidneys) the flora in the urinary tract. Phenyl salicylate is used in powder and tablet form in the treatment of such diseases as pyelitis, cystitis, and the intestinal disorders colitis and enterocolitis. It is a component in many kinds of pills containing such combinations of drugs as Besalol, Urobesalol, and Tansal.

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