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Philia, asteroid 280 (the 280th asteroid to be discovered, on October 29, 1888), is approximately 26 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5.0 years. Its name is a personification of a Greek word for love. The Greeks distinguished Philia love from Eros love, identifying Philia more with friendship than romance. When prominent in an natal chart, this asteroid indicates a friendly personality. The sign and house position indicates both how one interacts with friends as well as what the friends are like.


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I also want to claim that implicit in becoming a "friend to the gods" is a complete revaluation of the status of chance or fortune as an impediment to human happiness, meaning that "friendship to the gods" indicates not only the transcendence of eros into philia, but also the transcendence of jealousy--that is, metaphorically (if that is the right word), a certain way of comporting oneself toward chance or fortune.
Luther's reform also leaned in this direction: Christian fides and philia were no longer foundations for the market's ethos and were replaced by the modern contract.
There are souls who live and love and die in obscurity, hidden saints in our midst, whose philia may be lived at a much more vertical level, encompassing the breadth of the body of Christ on earth and the communion of saints.
Como consecuencia de estas actitudes, etica y afectividad, philia y eros, han caminado irreconciliables quizas durante demasiado tiempo.
59) This article proposes that philia should be the matrix of Christian discernment.
Rapp senala que no puede darse por sentado solo a partir de ello que la philia sea necesariamente una emocion en el contexto de Retorica II 4.
At stake in the dispute is whether philia or agape is the highest form of love and how we should understand the relation between the two loves.
Estoy convencido de que, aunque el agape sea una experiencia transitoria por naturaleza y destinada con el paso del tiempo a evolucionar hacia la philia o hacia el contrato/jerarquia, desempena un papel fundamental en los asuntos humanos.
of philia, friendship or sisterly love, in their relationship.
Love for friends, cherishing someone (including husband-wife) is philia.
As he traces the progress of the mission, Wood highlights the robust virtue of an earlier world--the virtue of philia, or friendship--in the broad sense, including hospitality and reconciliation--a virtue now only a pale replica of what was once a high-spirited relationship of compatible comrades.
La koinonia en el mundo antiguo: de la philia a la polis (9)