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Comparisons 2 and 3 above are regarded as not complementary for the same reason that the phlogiston theory of combustion is not complementary with the oxygen theory.
The lobby had an exhibit in the center, entitled "Theories of the 14th Century." There, laid Out in colorful panels, were many now obscure theories like the Phlogiston Theory, beautifully illustrated.
Centered on the transition from the phlogiston theory of combustion to the oxygen theory of chemistry, the Chemical Revolution involved a transformation in the ontology, epistemology, methodology, language, instruments, and institutions of chemistry.
1988: "Farewell to the Phlogiston Theory of Conditionals".
For years, natural scientists believed in the phlogiston theory. Homeopathy is a freakish branch of medical science which holds that medication is most effective if administered in the most diluted form possible (leading Gardner (1957, 188) to speculate that the most effective medicine would be one drop in the Pacific Ocean).
One of the important differences between this case (and folk psychology on the deep conception) and the pot/rock case is that the Phlogiston theory makes specific claims about the underlying causal processes responsible for the manifest regularities concerning combustion.
As Debus points out in his postscript, the phlogiston theory had deep roots in Paracelsianism.