phoenix dactylifera

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Grow on palm trees. Male and female plant required for fruit. Very sweet source of fiber, Iron, protein, and lots of minerals. Used for constipation, intestinal disorders, weight gain, heart problems, sexual weakness, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, sexual stamina, energy source, night blindness, promotes breast milk production. Best to soak overnight before eating. Great for recovering from alcohol intoxication. One date has almost everything you need in a meal and helps you feel full after eating it. It is the first thing muslims eat when breaking a fast. Contains folate, niacin, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and copper. Good sweetener to use in smoothies instead of other sweeteners. Despite the high content of sugar, it apparently doesn’t feed pathogens because it contains nicotinic, which is necessary in controlling the growth of pathological organisms and increase the growth of friendly bacteria. Dates are very alkalizing and great for muscle building. To cancel out the sugar spike, try to always eat dates with cinnamon and some kind of green- like spinach, cilantro, parsley, etc.
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Yn draddodiadol wrth i Fwslemiaid gael eu pryd fin nos yn ystod Ramadan, y dts ydi'r peth cyntaf maen nhw'n ei fwyta Mae'r dail ar y balmwydden Phoenix dactylifera, (date palm) i gyd yn codi o un blaguryn mawr sydd ar flaen y goeden, ac sy'n cael ei alw'n galon y balmwydden
Somatic embryogenesis from shoot tip and immature inflorescence of Phoenix dactylifera cv.
Preparation of PartySmart: PartySmart contains dried aqueous extracts of Phoenix dactylifera (fruit : 188 mg), Cichorium intybus (seeds : 188 mg), Andrographis paniculata (aerial part : 188 mg), Vitis vinifera (fruit : 188 mg), Phyllanthus amarus (aerial part : 124 mg), and Emblica officinalis (fruit : 124 mg).
Dates are the sweet fruit of the date palm, Phoenix dactylifera, possibly the oldest cultivated plant.
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