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(engineering acoustics)
Production of speech sounds.
Any sound mace during speech.
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in phonetics, the physical process of forming audible speech sounds. Phonation, the combined activity of the vocal apparatus, results in articulation. The term also designates the acoustic features of a sound that result in its aural perception and analysis. The production and perception of sounds interact in accordance with the principle of feedback. In the formation of a sound, the speaker’s acoustic regulation plays an important role, and in the perception of a sound, acoustic (sensory) analysis is supplemented by the listener’s internal articulatory (motor) regulation; that is, by analysis through synthesis.

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One means for discovering this is to have the student phonate on a middle voice pitch on a /z/, /n/, or a raspberry with the hands placed lightly on the cheeks.
Hold the breath with puffy cheeks; and then, allowing only a tiny air stream to escape the lips, phonate loudly on a low pitch.
If it requires the larynx to phonate, we should teach it.
The singer can actually phonate on these sounds, but the duration of the small note will be comparatively shorter than the duration of the main note.
* There is no significant decrease in quality of life during the early post-op period since the patient breathes primarily through the upper airway and phonates almost normally.
Drugs include bisphos- phonates, calcitonin, estrogens, parathyroid hormone, and selective estrogen receptor modulators 9 Applicable E/M codes: 99201-99205, 99212-99215, 99387, 99397, 99401-99404 * CPT II codes: 3096F, 3095F, or 4005F * Allowed modifiers: 1P, 2P, 3P, 8P #41 * Documentation that the patient was Osteoporosis: prescribed pharmacologic therapy Pharmacotherapy within 12 months.
[69] Depth at this point is measured by pushing the vocal process (with a microelevator or with a special measuring instrument) while the patient phonates. This depth is modified until the optimal vocal result is obtained.
In the brief "Empty Page," the second song, the soprano soars above a translucent, "floating, airy" piano, while the baritone whispers and phonates in a "slightly pitched falsetto." LeBaron calls for a meterless, free piano part in the beginning of the third "Song," where the baritone sings the text and the soprano comments with a wordless "Ah" at the beginning and ending.