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(engineering acoustics)
Production of speech sounds.
Any sound mace during speech.



in phonetics, the physical process of forming audible speech sounds. Phonation, the combined activity of the vocal apparatus, results in articulation. The term also designates the acoustic features of a sound that result in its aural perception and analysis. The production and perception of sounds interact in accordance with the principle of feedback. In the formation of a sound, the speaker’s acoustic regulation plays an important role, and in the perception of a sound, acoustic (sensory) analysis is supplemented by the listener’s internal articulatory (motor) regulation; that is, by analysis through synthesis.

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By phonating into a thin straw, an oral pressure is built up that is proportional to lung pressure.
45) By working the inspiratory muscles while phonating the beginning of a phrase, the student takes away much of the air pressure that could cause the larynx to react and overly tighten (Example 13).
Phonation occurs during exhalation and should be supported by an adequate, inhaled breath prior to phonating.
This theory was further bolstered by the fact that several colleagues of Caruso told Tomatis that Caruso always asked them to stand on his left when conversing, that is, when phonating at the lower, conversational frequencies, so that his left ear would be able to perceive those frequencies his right ear apparently could not.
While it is of course true that singers do not hear themselves when phonating as they are heard by others, they still do hear themselves (How could they not?