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(engineering acoustics)
Production of speech sounds.
Any sound mace during speech.



in phonetics, the physical process of forming audible speech sounds. Phonation, the combined activity of the vocal apparatus, results in articulation. The term also designates the acoustic features of a sound that result in its aural perception and analysis. The production and perception of sounds interact in accordance with the principle of feedback. In the formation of a sound, the speaker’s acoustic regulation plays an important role, and in the perception of a sound, acoustic (sensory) analysis is supplemented by the listener’s internal articulatory (motor) regulation; that is, by analysis through synthesis.

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However, the results do lend support to our experimental hypothesis that adverse physiologic phonation and respiration subsystem reactions would be provoked in dust-mite-allergic patients if their larynges were deliberately exposed to high concentrations of D pteronyssinus.
above all the speech-act rather than writing--the phonation, the
Part I: The Mechanics of Singing" includes eight chapters on the hows and whys of posture, breath, phonation, resonance, range, health issues, selection of a teacher, the structure of a voice lesson, practicing, and vocal exercises.
Pound's story of reading the Making of Americans with his pregnant wife and then their newborn child recalls the one Ron Silliman tells on his blog of reading Finnegans Wake with his twins--in both instances, the same results: sheer exhilaration in phonation.
However, many pedagogical descriptions are handled quite well, such as the "Bernoulli Effect" and its consequence on phonation, as well as misconceptions, according to Smith, pertaining to the contentious pedagogical term known as "breath support.
A swallow screen should include evaluation of level of consciousness, ability to cough, phonation, pharyngeal sensation, and the ability to swallow water.
Ventricular fold dysphonia is a rare type of voice disorder in which muscular tension in the throat forces ventricular folds to adduct over the true vocal cords during phonation while the true vocal folds remain open.
Chapters cover proper stance, breathing, phonation, resonance, range, health, vocal exercises, pronunciation and diction, and more.
In 50 patients for whom 12-month vocal function data were available, significant improvement was seen in the voice handicap index; the abbreviated voice handicap index-10; maximum phonation time, which measures respiratory and sound control by having the patient hold an "ah" for as long as possible; and the S/Z ratio, an assessment of open and closed vocal fold sounds based on how long a patient can sustain a soft "sss" sound and soft "zzz" sound.
Objective voice testing of maximum phonation test, a measure of how long a person can say "ah" on one breath showed a statistically significant improvement comparing pre-treatment and the 12-month follow-up time points.
Another theory is that stuttering can be characterised as a disorder in the timing and coordination of subsystems involved in speech production (that is respiration, phonation and articulation).
The Holy Father is eating regularly, spends some hours in an armchair and has begun exercises to rehabilitate breathing and phonation.