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(engineering acoustics)
Production of speech sounds.
Any sound mace during speech.



in phonetics, the physical process of forming audible speech sounds. Phonation, the combined activity of the vocal apparatus, results in articulation. The term also designates the acoustic features of a sound that result in its aural perception and analysis. The production and perception of sounds interact in accordance with the principle of feedback. In the formation of a sound, the speaker’s acoustic regulation plays an important role, and in the perception of a sound, acoustic (sensory) analysis is supplemented by the listener’s internal articulatory (motor) regulation; that is, by analysis through synthesis.

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Chapter One, "Anatomy Overview," has an introduction and includes the topics: the respiratory system, the phonatory system, the resonatory system, the aging process and classification of tumors.
This may have led to the significant increase in the perceived phonatory effort (PPE).
The approach of Hearing, Speech and Language therapists in cases of vocal fold paralysis, before and after surgery, is important, because speech therapy provides better balance control between the respiratory and the phonatory systems, it avoids ineffective phonatory compensation processes, gives more stability in the vocal folds mucosa vibration and accelerates the patient's rehabilitation 9.
The recommendation for complete excision, however, has to be balanced with consideration of preserving vocal fold phonatory and sphincteric function.
Teachers frequently have to adapt their phonatory pattern to the size of the classroom, its acoustic set-up, the type of audience, the air quality and changes in humidity and temperature.
the bronchi take air in evenly, rather than bottom to top), it nonetheless serves as a novel and nonliteral way of orienting the student's somatic attention toward activity in the lower ribs and abdomen so that phonatory exhalation can be effectively managed.
This also demonstrates that postural alterations not only have a repercussion on the phonatory system, as extensively exposed in the literature, but also at the speech articulation level.
In particular, the effect of asthma as a reversible obstructive small-airway disease on phonatory variables is not yet clear.
At one point, it was assumed that a decrease in PTP correlates with decreased phonatory effort and more efficient phonation.
Numerous reports have been published on voice quality and acoustic findings following the surgical treatment of snoring, but phonatory symptoms and their impact on quality of life in snorers has not been reported.
The "breathiness" parameter is related to the likely presence of incomplete closure of the glottis and, consequently, the teacher will require a greater effort to speak due to the air expelled in the phonatory process [28].
Vocal fold cysts develop as a result of a combination of factors, including chronic voice overuse, suboptimal phonatory technique, certain medical conditions and medications, and environmental causes.