analog telephone adapter

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analog telephone adapter

A device that adapts a subscriber's analog telephones to a digital voice service from a VoIP, cable or DSL provider. Connecting to the modem, router or directly to the cable coming into the premises, the analog telephone adapter (ATA) delivers dial-tone, manages the call setup and provides the conversion between digital and analog voice. See IP phone and VoIP.

With this adapter, an analog telephone is connected to either a router (LAN) or the Internet (WAN) for VoIP service. For telco company (PSTN) backup, it includes an FXO port. See SIP and FXS. (Image courtesy of Grandstream Networks, Inc.,

Cable ATA
In this earlier Comcast cable example, the coax line was split between the ATA and cable modem. The ATA was wired to an analog telephone for voice, and the cable modem connected to the router for data. Newer Comcast gateways include the cable modem, ATA and wireless router in one device. See cable/DSL gateway.

Direct to Internet
Connected to the Internet via Ethernet to the local network, this ATA converts IP packets into analog voice (and vice versa) for the cordless base station. All other phones in this home are IP phones that also connect to the Internet. The ATA allows older equipment to co-exist with a new VoIP phone system. See VoIP.
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The lamp has three brightness settings and a USB plug that works with any phone adapter; once fully charged, it provides 3 to 4 hours of continuous use.
The kit, consisting of an 80 MW solar panel unit and solar cable, a solar control unit, a USB mobile phone adapter and two LED bulbs, is activated through users' mobile phone accounts once they set it up and initiate payments.
There are even instructions on Google's website about how you can build your own VR phone adapter using a bit of cardboard and some rubber bands.
When you sign up with Vonage, for example, the company provides a phone adapter that you simply connect to any computer with a broadband connection.
The new VT2542 Internet Phone Adapter & Wireless Router has been introduced by Vonage (NYSE:VG), a provider of broadband telephone services, and communications solutions provider Motorola, enabling customers to use telephone, Internet and fax services at the same time.
Available at Fry's Electronics' more than 30 locations for consumers with a home broadband network, this VoIP solution features EarthLink's trueVoice(SM) Internet phone service and a Linksys Phone Adapter (SPA2002-ER) or Wireless-G Router with 2 Phone Ports (WRTP54G-ER).
One note: Home buyers who want to use the enhanced routers to run their phones via voice over Internet protocol will need a phone adapter.
By plugging a D&E Jazzd Phone Adapter into a DSL or cable modem, customers can use their regular telephone to make and receive calls over their broadband Internet connection.
Linksys announced that Verizon, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, will offer the Linksys Phone Adapter with 2 Phone Ports (PAP2) to customers that sign up for Verizon's new VoiceWing VoIP service.
The unit includes a modular phone adapter for telephone wiring testing.
OptiPoint 500 features include the OptiGuide context-sensitive user interface, full-duplex speakerphones and standard USB connection to simplify TAPI development, as well as module options that include an optiPoint IP adapter, signature module (card read/write unit), key module, acoustic adapter, phone adapter, analog adapter and ISDN adapter.
The Deal: Unlimited 24/7 net calls with a pounds 20 phone adapter. You have to spend pounds 5 a month on calls through Quip.