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As mentioned earlier in this study, English utilizes vowel length phonemically while Shona does not.
Therefore, it is possible to write words at a relatively high level without being able to segment words phonemically on the DIBELS PSF.
The monosyllable "sack," on an upbeat but phonemically heavy and long to articulate, site in for the Cat's tripping disyllable tribus.
Complexities in writing systems abound, of course, but we have found that with a phonemically based system (approximately, one sound per symbol and one symbol per sound), it is often possible to teach people to read in months or even weeks, rather than years as in English (for which we still have spell-checkers, spelling bees, and other manifestations of the hodgepodge that is English spelling!).
The errors attributed to poor MGRs consisted of words that were phonemically correct and orthographically "legal" but were spelled incorrectly (e.g., "wite" for white).
An example of this is iinii (bison), which is phonemically embedded in terms such as iinii'im and iinii'tsawa (holding someone in special regard or favor).
Key-letters actually seem to function, in written Hebrew, as do the determinatives of Egyptian bieroglyphs (i.e., the ideographic, rather than phonetic portion of hieroglyphs), or the radicals (semantic parts) of Chinese characters, giving a general semantic characterization of the word that is spelled phonemically in the rest of the word's representation.
It seems impossible to read either "breath" and "strand" or "bread" and "sea" as metonymically related--the two lines are simply chiastic, and this semantic chiasmus is intensified by the alliteration that makes them phonemically parallel.
Technology gives teachers exciting new ways to accommodate individual differences among students while motivating them to accomplish the difficult cognitive work involved in becoming phonemically aware and literate.
Good readers are phonemically aware, understand the alphabetic principle, apply these skills in a rapid and fluent manner, possess strong vocabularies and syntactical and grammatical skills, and relate reading to their own experiences.