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Any disease of the kidney.
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a general term that includes several renal disorders. Classified as nephropathies are nephropathy of pregnancy and a group of other kidney diseases that are distinguished from each other by a variety of morphological changes. This latter group of diseases includes myelogenous nephropathy, endemic, or Balkan, nephropathy, medicinally induced nephropathy, kaliopenic nephropathy, and hypercalcemic nephropathy.


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Acute phosphate nephropathy presents as acute kidney injury with minimal proteinuria and a bland urine sediment.
Risk factors for phosphate nephropathy in these patients are high basal serum phosphate levels, increased bowel transit time, need for high purgative dosages, increased tubular phosphate re-absorption, advanced age and the concurrent administration of some drugs.
After noting that 15 patients at their institution, the Scott and White Hospital and Clinic, developed acute phosphate nephropathy during the previous year, Dr.
Markowitz of Columbia University, New York, described his earlier study of acute phosphate nephropathy. The pathophysiology appears to involve obstructive calcium phosphate crystalluria and intratubular nephrocalcinosis.
This increased awareness will likely lead to a decline in acute phosphate nephropathy, Dr.
Acute phosphate nephropathy has been reported in 22 patients who used oral sodium phosphates for bowel cleansing, according to a warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration.