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We have examined this specimen using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analyses with the intention of testing the suspected preservation of the digestive system by phosphatization (see Lerosey-Aubril et al.
adhesive 6108 does not withstand the test well when used with phosphatization only; and lastly,
phosphatization with primer and either form of MetalJacket application provide very durable bonds.
The combination of phosphatization and Metal Jacket provides a bondable surface robust enough to level out many effects of adhesive system and compound;
Phosphatization of organic matter requires an alkaline and reducing (micro-) environment (Briggs & Kear 1993).
1994), is also interpreted here as being formed post mortem as a result of phosphatization of the original structure of the organic matter in the shell.
Zinc phosphatization is well-known for the interlocking of paint coatings on automotive steel sheets.
The secondary phosphatic matter seems to have been formed via decay and phosphatization of primary shell organic matter (by analogy to the scheme described in Briggs & Kear 1993), during which particles of the surrounding quartzose sand/silt penetrated into shell space and cemented.
1) Rapid post mortem changes expressed as phosphatization of primary organic matter in moderately low Eh conditions.
2008), these nanofibrils have been interpreted as biopolymer strands preserved by immediate post-mortem phosphatization of organic tissues (Lang et al.
Condensation and phosphatization of the Middle and Upper Ordovician limestones on the Malopolska Block (Poland): response to paleoceanographic conditions.

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