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Wang, "Treatment of cystic craniopharyngioma with phosphorus-32 intracavitary irradiation," Child's Nervous System: ChNS, vol.
Ohara entered the university's gene experiment laboratory in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, around the midnight of June 23 last year and stole containers of phosphorus-32 and carbon-14 and spread them on the facility's floor, the court said.
Injecting phosphorus-32, a pure beta emitter, into the affected joints achieves the same result without the surgery and for a cost of perhaps only $4,000, he says.
The labeling process developed by Kurt and Erika Randerath, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, cleaves DNA into its individual nucleotides, labels each with radioactive phosphorus-32, then uses chromatography -- which separates a mix of chemicals into its individual components -- to spatially segregate normal nucleotides from those that have been modified by bulky aromatic chemicals, such as benzo(a)-pyrene and aromatic amines.