photo bomb

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A device used in night photography. It is a pyrotechnic cartridge, which produces brief but very intense illumination. The device is no longer in use. Also known as a photo bomb or a flash bomb.
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"When you're trying to take a with but you're photo bombed by your hubby," she wrote on ( Instagram.
Like when fans come to me with a selfie request, at times she photo bombs them.
Any Canadian with a decent cellphone can feel they have Trudeau in the palm of their hands; Facebook overflows with his shared selfies and shirtless photo bombs. Both technically savvy Gen-Xers and faltering Boomers can and do join the Prime Minister as he live-streams from this or that event.
I looked a bit and found that Miss Lebanon's manager issued a statement where she says that she was being harassed by Miss Israel and that Miss Israel photo bombed her picture.
Thompson photo bombed the absolutely gorgeous "12 Years Slave" actress Lupita Nyong'o as she was posing for the photographers.