photo sensor

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photoelectric cell

A device incorporated in an electric circuit; in response to light that falls on the cell, the electrical output or the resistance varies; used in measuring devices and in control devices that depend on illumination level or the interruption of a light beam.
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Simultaneously, the respiratory and pulse signals measured by the 24 GHz medical radar and photo sensor are converted to digital signals with a sampling rate of 100 Hz for data transfer via the IO ports.
In most cases the function of radiation transformation into the electric signal of the photo sensor can be described by the following linear model (Boltar et al., 1999):
As in the company's previous input display products, the new LCD adopts the proprietary SOG (system-on-glass) technology, while photo sensors and signal processing functions are integrated on the LCD's glass, allowing for applications on mobile devices.
Then the part triggers a fiber optic photo sensor initiating the automatic gaging cycle.
"The new telescope not only provides the largest mirror area among instruments of this type worldwide, but also resolves the cascade images at unprecedented detail, with four times more pixels per sky area compared to the smaller telescopes," stated Pascal Vincent from the French team responsible for the photo sensor package at the focus of the mirror.
Standard features include a no-loop detector, photo sensor loop control, pilot roll, handwheel adjustment for stock guides, end-of-stock detector, driven coil hold-down roll, roll-type coil side guides, threading table, remote pendant, and pneumatic or hydraulic expansion systems.
"Our SMART ZONE concept utilizes photo sensors to control zones but offers options far beyond just photo sensor controlled zones," according to Roach Vice President of Sales and Engineering, Charlie Parks.
In-mold decorating equipment feeds the stamping foil, which has been preprinted in register, directly into the mold where it is located by photo sensor.
because of sunlight or heat, the photo sensor kicks in to provide the