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We used diatom indices to assess the structure of the diatom assemblage, measurements of pigment concentrations to evaluate the health of photoautotrophic periphyton, and growth dynamics of the green alga Selenastrum capricornutzim to evaluate the potential for excessive algal growth in the West Fork of the Red River.
Specific topics include maintaining microalgae in culture collections, biological principles of mass cultivation of photoautotrophic microalgae, the biology and commercial aspects of Haematococcus pluvialis, high-value recombinant protein production in microalgae, and transgenic marine microalgae as a value-enhanced fishmeal and fish oil replacement.
This is a major contrast to opencoast gradients where C:N values remain constant, and thus this ratio is characteristic of a marginal sea, showing alternating periods of high terrigenous and photoautotrophic input (Escobar-Briones and Garcia-Villalobos, 2010).