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registration record/voter's affidavit (Commission on Elections), (6) two photocopies of valid ID of the petitioner and of the document owner of Special Power of Attorney if the petitioner is not the document owner, and (7) an interview of the petitioner.
Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw did not allow the plea of students seeking lifting of the stay on selling of photocopies of certain textbooks, published by the University Press, the Cambridge University Press and Taylor and Francis.
Photocopies of passports and identity cards are the most sought after by fraudsters.
Short decides when the photocopies have reached a moment that interests him visually, whether to paint the entire photocopy or just a detail of it, and whether his canvas will be vertically or horizontally oriented (all his paintings are significantly larger than their sources, with one reaching almost ten feet in length).
Fidelma Geraghty claimed photocopies of her notes were among 30 files thought to have been unearthed during a raid.
The document was released by Michael Smith, a reporter, who says that he protected the identity of his source by photocopying the originals, returning them to the source, retyping the documents from the photocopies, and finally destroying the photocopies.
The inmate alleged that the librarians failed to complete his request for photocopies of his documents in a timely manner.
Bid that contained multiple photocopies of bid schedule for one option, as substitutes for the bid schedule pages for three other options without clearly indicating that the photocopied pages were intended to relate to the other options required to be priced under the invitation for bids, was properly rejected as ambiguous and thus nonresponsive.
The report claims that the academic and educational publishers are especially badly hit, with students preferring to buy cheap photocopies instead of the actual book.
Photocopies of two letters from Ernest Hemingway to Jim Gamble: 31 July 1918 and 18 April 1919.
Now, copyright is an issue for all publishers but in many cases involving newsletter publishers--like actions Washington Business Information brought against Fortune 500 companies and prominent law firms, and the long-running case of Warren Publishing against the United States Telephone Association--the response of the defendents appeared to be, "Of course we understand copyright and its importance to publishers, but it can't possibly apply to making a few photocopies of this little thing.
That policy will deter many people from taking photocopies so that they can discuss planning issues with families and neighbours.