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telegraphing, show-through

On a decorative material covering a wall, etc., irregularities, imperfections, or patterns of an inner layer which are transmitted to the surface so that they become visible.
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I especially enjoy photographing around sunrise and sunset because of the warm quality of light.
But after taking in the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival he went backpacking in the redwoods of Big Sur and found his calling - photographing landscape at ephemeral moments when natural colors and shapes seem as remarkable as any abstract painting.
This feature makes little difference in photographing objects illuminated by the sun, which emits roughly equal intensities of light at all wavelengths.
As early as 1839, right at photography's inception, Francois Arago dreamed of using the new medium to penetrate the farthest reaches of the visible universe by photographing the moon (Daguerre took one that same year).
A painter and sculptor himself, Liberman took special note of his subjects' surroundings whenever photographing or filming them.
He was an abolitionist photographing whites as well as blacks.
Based in Palm Beach, Florida, and removed from New York City's critical hype, he is photographing wonderful dancers in America's finest regional dance companies.
She recently returned from photographing the Haute Couture collections in Paris and the after parties at the Academy Awards.
I told him I was photographing the concentration camps.
He spent much of the '80s and early '90s photographing architecture, whether permanent or provisional; images like that of the "authentic Cape Dutch" house examine precise sit es but point to worlds of ideological assumption and lived habit.
While still a student in Essen, she began to travel regularly to Rokytnik, the northern Bohemian village where she grew up, photographing old friends and acquaintances and producing a series that she named after the village, 1990-94.
To photograph wildlife, you need some knowledge of the animals you are photographing and some experience in watching their behavior patterns,'' he says.