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1. the technique of producing a composite picture by combining several photographs: used esp in advertising
2. the composite picture so produced
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a photographic print obtained by printing from two or more negatives. Graphic material is frequently used in photomontages. In the mechanical method, the desired images are cut out of photographs, adjusted by means of enlargement to the necessary scale, glued onto a piece of paper, retouched, and then rephotographed. In the projection method, images from several negatives are printed in succession on photographic paper; masks are often used in succession to cover individual areas of the negative. Photomontages are extensively used in creating posters, advertisements, and political cartoons. Outstanding masters of the photomontage technique include A. S. Zhitomirskii, G. G. Klutsis, V. B. Koretskii, L. M. Lisitskii, and A. M. Rodchenko (USSR) and John Heartfield (German Democratic Republic).


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The pair, who were better known under their artistic pseudonyms, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, were collaborators in radically queered photography and photomontages. They stood accused by the Nazi regime of having acted as "irregular soldiers," as Cahun writes, paraphrasing the accusations of the officer in charge, Oberst Sarmsen.
Or, kids could create digital photomontages using Photoshop[R] or iPad apps.
In her pioneering collages and characteristic photomontages, she brought her acute observation to bear on the complexities of industry, technology, entertainment, media, gender and race.
But whichever red, white and blue flag they're nodding to, one thing remains true from season to season: Charroin and Colin-Madan use drawing, painting and photomontage for their handmade silkscreens, which are then transferred onto 51 square inches of fine silk.
These works and Heidi Fasnacht's panoramic photomontage, "London Blitz" (2011), palpably situate the individual within our nuclear era, as if across from us in the mirror.
The other is a photomontage which shows a naked woman menstruating in front of a group of toddlers.
Chen's specific accomplishments and an interview with the young executive are highlighted in Glass Magazine's print and online articles along with his biography and a photomontage.
A great deal of Heartfield's nuanced understanding of images is teased out by the didactic nature of the Wolfsonian's "Agitated Images: John Heartfield and German Photomontage, 1920-1938" (organized by the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles).
Photomontage was pioneered as a technique for radical art in Central Europe in early 1919, and it flourished there through the end of World War II.
His distinctive photomontage style has been applied to countless posters for movements and events associated with peace, anti-imperialism and socialism.