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* Digital photos. A high percentage of photographers use digital cameras these days.
Photos addresses this demand, offering desktop-like functionality in a Web-based service.
Most school districts now feature photographs on their Web sites, and teachers and students may be trying to keep track of hundreds and even thousands of photos. For this reason, users are turning to free and inexpensive photo-sharing Web sites to organize, store, display and distribute their growing collections.
STEVE WOIT PHOTOGRAPHY 6028 Kaymar Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55436; 952/238-8254, FAX: 952/238-8318 Web site: Year established: 1984 Owner: Steve Woit ( Products: Beautiful location and studio photography of crops, livestock and the people who raise them; extensive library of existing ag photos. Available for commercial assignments.
EBay sellers who bemoan the often-fuzzy photos many sellers maintain will look for improvement after reading Dan Gookin and Robert Birnbach's EBAY PHOTOS THAT SELL: TAKING GREAT PRODUCT SHOTS FOR EBAY AND BEYOND (0782143811, $29.99).
This results in sharp photos and drastically reduces blur-still the most common cause of out-of-focus photographs-without the need for any complex, energy-guzzling stabilizing systems.
A super-adaptive layer is a layer of composite--usually flowable--that is placed directly after curing the bonding resin and before placing a heavy-bodied composite filling material (Photos 2, 3, 4).
"A photolab's challenge in today's rapidly changing digital marketplace is to provide a complete and easy solution for their customers to order photos online, place print orders at the counter, share pictures with friends, and most of all, enjoy the experience," said Bob Basl, IPI board member, chairman of The Digital Technology Committee and owner of Photo Depot.
Coin-operated digital photo booths that offer high-quality passport and other photos are spreading rapidly in Japan.
Working with digital images and photos has become part of everyday life; as is the need to share them with friends, colleagues and family.
In 2003 digital camera sales grew by 64 percent over 2002 figures to more than 50 million units, according to Photo Marketing Association estimates, with anecdotal reports of some users bringing their photo printers to weddings to surprise newlyweds with photos of the event before they leave on their honeymoon.