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(fō`təstăt'), reproduction of any printed or simple black-and-white material, such as drawings or manuscripts, made by the Photostat, a photographic camera. While slower and more expensive than xerographyxerography
, also called electrophotography, method of dry photocopying in which the image is transferred by using the attractive forces of electric charges. A beam of light, usually from a laser, is made to strike the original material, e.g., a white page with black lettering.
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, the process is still used where a high degree of resolution is desired, as in publishing.



a device used to make photographic copies of two-dimensional originals—blueprints, drawings, and similar documents; it consists of a camera, lighting fixtures, and attachments for holding the original. A Photostat is capable of producing enlarged, reduced, or identical copies on roll photographic paper (ordinary or reversal). Photostats are usually produced in unit with devices for the automatic chemical processing of the photocopies.

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Photostat copy of page of machine readable passport bearing photograph is made mandatory to be pasted on form.
The original and Photostat copy of the registration book of the vehicle, national identity card of the vehicle owner, driving licence, and 3 attested photographs of the driver, letter of the owner/ Organizer may be provided to the scrutiny committee for security purpose.
Tenders are invited for Supply of photostat papers at cod agra
The original and Photostat copy of the following documents may also be provided to the scrutiny committee for security purpose.
The authorities advised to all eligible candidates to appear before the Admission Committee on the dates and time as mentioned above in the office of the Director Admissions for interview along with all original documents and Photostat copy of Domicile and PRC.
Tenders are invited for Drum Cartridge For Photostat Machine No.
Five computers, five printers, three Photostat machines, one AC, one generator, five scanners, five fax machines, electric cooler, refrigerator, five computer tables and chairs, five office tables and chairs were provided while ten meter long glazed glass fixed in DG Prosecution office.
Limited Tenders are invited for Amc Of Computer Printer Projector Scanner Fax Machine Photostat Machine Duplicating Machine Ups
Under this arrangement, one packet each of Rs 5 and Rs 10 denomination notes is being provided to every person against presentation of original CNIC and its Photostat copy.