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Grammatical phrases are groups of two or more words that work together to perform a single grammatical function in a sentence. Unlike clauses, phrases do not contain both a subject and a predicate (although they sometimes function as one or the other).
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1. Music a small group of notes forming a coherent unit of melody
2. (in choreography) a short sequence of dance movements



the basic unit of speech. Corresponding to the sentence as a basic unit of language, the phrase is a syntactic and phonetic entity with syntactic structure, semantic completeness, and intonational markers. Phrase boundaries are indicated by pauses and by specific intonational features that indicate the end of the phrase. For example, in Russian there is a lowering of tone on the final syllable of a phrase. Phrases are divided into syntagms, which in turn consist of phonetic words and syllables. The laws of the phrase’s sandhi, that is, of the phonetic boundaries of the phrase’s components, function within the phrase. An example is liaison in French—a type of consonant alternation.

The concept of the phrase is sometimes synonymous with that of the sentence. The term “phrase” is occasionally used to designate any phonetic and syntactic entity between two pauses.

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Regarding concordancing, which is a means of accessing a corpus of text to show how any given word or phrase is used in the immediate contexts in which it appears (Pennington and Richards 1997, as cited in Koosha and Jafarpour 2006), a learner of English who wants to become familiar with a certain phrasal verb and wants to know its meaning and its application in different texts, can use a concordance program.
In addition to enjambment, phrasal verbs and prepositions are two more specific linguistic features by which these sonnets negotiate tight spaces and extend meaning beyond the margins of a rigid form.
Other constructions, like phrasal verbs, create confusion among students, besides being quite discouraging.
As not only Estonian verbal government has been copied, but also the collocation of the verb jatma 'to leave' and the adverb korvale 'aside' and the meaning of the Estonian phrasal verb as well, this is yet another incompatibility with monolingual Russian.
He considers the influence of Old Norse, a language with a significant impact on English, and although the rise of the phrasal verb in Middle English may result from the influence of Old Norse, the evidence to prove this is lacking.
However, as a current teacher of technical writing, I introduce my students to the principles of Plain English, advocating the use of "everyday" English terms, including phrasal verbs such as pull up.
gt;nat (pronoun, full noun phrase) / direct object of phrasal verb
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The Essential Dictionary contains over 45,000 headwords, phrases, and phrasal verbs, with 36,000 examples showing how words are used in a wide variety of situations.