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Grammatical phrases are groups of two or more words that work together to perform a single grammatical function in a sentence. Unlike clauses, phrases do not contain both a subject and a predicate (although they sometimes function as one or the other).
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1. Music a small group of notes forming a coherent unit of melody
2. (in choreography) a short sequence of dance movements
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the basic unit of speech. Corresponding to the sentence as a basic unit of language, the phrase is a syntactic and phonetic entity with syntactic structure, semantic completeness, and intonational markers. Phrase boundaries are indicated by pauses and by specific intonational features that indicate the end of the phrase. For example, in Russian there is a lowering of tone on the final syllable of a phrase. Phrases are divided into syntagms, which in turn consist of phonetic words and syllables. The laws of the phrase’s sandhi, that is, of the phonetic boundaries of the phrase’s components, function within the phrase. An example is liaison in French—a type of consonant alternation.

The concept of the phrase is sometimes synonymous with that of the sentence. The term “phrase” is occasionally used to designate any phonetic and syntactic entity between two pauses.

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(103) "The ninth Aporia is introduced, somewhat surprisingly, with the connective phrase [phrase omitted], a phrase normally used to string together a number of considerations related to a particular thesis or antithesis....
THE HOT TIP SHE HAD ACE TOE HIT TAP SUE HID AXE TIE HAT TOP SEE HUD AGE Here the third of the 3 letters in each word is changed to make another phrase.
The phrase translated means "no problems" or "no worries" and is a common expression throughout east Africa.
class="MsoNormalSince then, the phrase has become synonymous with messages of caution and warning.
I SEE a police officer is being investigated for using the allegedly racist phrase "whiter than white", which is actually an old and wellestablished English phrase.
It is also known to imply accepting or assuming situations, as in the phrase "loving the tyrant." The term is also used when referring to love for one's country or for a favourite sports team.
last phrase that hypothetical man emerges as a concrete presence.
To the editor, in their "Methods" section, the authors of "Supplementary Searches of PubMed to Improve Currency of MEDLINE and MEDLINE InProcess Searches via Ovid" state that "PubMed does not accept truncation when phrase searching, so we had to use numerous phrases to capture as many variations as possible."
The compound EXTT in this type usually consists of a head noun followed by a modifier (an adjective, noun or noun phrase).
(46.) Kohnken (1985, 93) suggests that the violence implied in Apollo's use of the phrase [phrase omitted] is reversed by the image of Aphrodite "touching with a light hand" ([phrase omitted], Pyth.
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