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It has been both of our experiences that the concept of phrasing is abstract and one of the most difficult skills to teach students.
It seems obvious, but so many problems occur because writers default to the negative way of phrasing a thought.
Here the metric form is managed by using single-syllable end rhymes in several of the stanzas--a technique that would appear quite contradictory to Monk's predilection for disjunctive phrasing.
Phrasing manipulations were included to determine whether for mice, as for rats and humans, phrasing cues congruent with pattern structure would facilitate pattern learning.
Professional interviewers know that a question's phrasing can significantly influence the response.
seem to suggest a "gestural" way of playing that is quite different from the normal 19th-century approach to phrasing.
Joseph Carman talked with Houlihan about phrasing, placement, and patience.
The narrative seems to have retained, in Thomas Pringle's phrasing, "as far as was practicable, Mary's exact expressions and peculiar phraseology" (45).
The pieces in the collection may be grouped into three categories: those with simple melodies, those emphasizing certain technical elements and those combining intricate phrasing with complex rhythm.
Individual phrasing and the cumulative meaning of phrases are both surprising, and almost seamless.
Student C did not observe the differences in timing and dynamics in her initial listening to the performance; she was able to hear and describe specific details of the three pianists' phrasing.
Kahn's Simultaneous Reverberations (1995) resonates with weight shifts and suspend-and-release phrasing.