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see clanclan,
social group based on actual or alleged unilineal descent from a common ancestor. Such groups have been known in all parts of the world and include some that claim the parentage or special protection of an animal, plant, or other object (see totem).
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(ANTHROPOLOGY) the grouping of two or more CLANS who claim a common ancestor, which may be mythical or nonhuman (see TOTEMISM).



a form of social organization, intermediate between the genos and phyle, in Athens and other states of preclassical Greece. A phratry generally had its own governing bodies and religion. In modern times, the term “phratry” was employed by L. H. Morgan, who discovered a similar social organization among the North American Indians. The phratry was an exogamous group of related clans; that is, its members married into other phratries. A dual organization of two phratries constituted a tribe. The principal function of a dual-phratric organization was to regulate exchanges. In later stages of social development, the division into phratries was not necessarily dual: tribes of three phratries also existed. In its later forms, the phratry was sometimes endogamous.


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Deja pour Durkheim et Mauss, le totemisme est a la fois un groupement des etres humains en fonction des objets naturels (les especes totemiques associees a chaque phratrie, clan, etc.
Phratrie I (Mallera): classes matrimoniales m1 (Kurgila) et m2 (Banhe)
Phratrie II (Wutaru): classes matrimoniales m1 (Wango) et m2 (Obu)
Par multiplication logique des distinctions phratrie I/phratrie II, m1/m2 et humain/non-humain, on obtient ici un systeme a huit classes:
On passe d'un terme X a un terme X' en faisant jouer la distinction humain/non humain; la distinction phratrie I/phratrie II permet de passer de A a C, de A' a C', de B a D et de B' a D'; de la meme facon, la distinction m1/m2 permet d'aller de A a B, de A' a B', de C a D et de C' a D'.
This is the view of Szanto, and of Wade-Gery and his followers; the word oikos is used of phratries or phratry-like bodies in hellenistic decrees of Carthaea, on Ceos.
34) Lambert goes beyond Bourriot in claiming the priestly gene were gene of the type covered by that law;(35) but, if that is so, then not all the gene which were sub-groups of phratries and were covered by that law could have been non-aristocratic village communities.
I think we should accept that, whatever the exact nature of the Demotionidae, and whatever the implications for the structure of Athenian phratries in general, these decrees are decrees of the phratry of the Deceleans, and the Demotionidae were a body of some kind within that phratry which had a privileged position with regard to the phratry's membership.
5) The suggestion that the phratry of the Demotionidae had split into smaller phratries, of which the Deceleans were one, was first made by C.
Aristotle, at Politics 1280b36-8, remarks that 'thusiai', groups which sacrifice together, are a precondition for the city, along with families, phratries and other works of friendship.