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The phrenologist is all the better for understanding something of every trade and vocation by which men get a living.
The success of the phrenologist relates directly to his ability to cater to a wide clientele, for despite the very earnest claims of many nineteenth-century phrenologists, the "science" is a load of nonsense, akin to other popular nineteenth-century paranormal and quasi-scientific phenomena like spirit-rapping, mesmerism, and spiritual clairvoyance.
93) Other female phrenologists included Mrs Clitheroe, noted at Norwich in 1860; see Norfolk News, 19 May 1860, and Mrs Hamilton, active in Scotland in 1870, see The Scotsman, 2, 4, 17, 18 April 1870; for Hardinge see Manchester City News, 20 February 1869; The Sphinx (Manchester) (1871), citing The Medium and Daybreak.
His audience will be drained, the phrenologists will be baffled, and the champagne will have gone warm in its bucket, again.
James Fanshawe's Phrenologist looked one to follow when finishing fifth in a maiden at Windsor last month.
Dickens' choice of material is telling in two ways, for not only does Crocus represent the much-desired link to Europe missing in the Prairie but also, in his profession as phrenologist, a restatement of the inexorable link between physical phenomena and moral or emotional substance.
Orson Squire Fowler, a noted phrenologist and publisher, issued Matrimony; or, Phrenology and Physiology applied to the Selection of Congenial Companions for Life.
27) A commission selected in May 1847 then examined the general issues, although almost all its members were believers in black inferiority -- the rapporteur d'Eichthal, the geographers Vivien and d'Avezac, the naturalists Milne-Edwards, Quatrefages; the phrenologist and companion of the Pacific explorer Dumont d'Urville, Pierre-Marie-Alexandre Dumoutier, and the conservative baron Ferdinand d'Eckstein.
We also have a likeable Mind Games colt out of Leading Princess called Phrenologist.
A 19th century court case story of Thomas Guthrie Carr, a notorious, larger-than-life mesmerist, phrenologist, public speaker and some say charlatan.
85) The standard of this social philosophy was the Scottish phrenologist George Combe's 1828 Constitution of Man (which he referred to as his "bible of secularism"), one of the most popular books of the late 1830s; it transformed phrenology from a physiological science to a program of moral reform that could serve as a challenge to evangelical moral campaigns.
T]he anatomist chemist astronomer geologist phrenologist spiritualist mathematician historian and lexicographer are not poets, but they are the lawgivers of poets and their construction underlies the structure of every perfect poem.