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A broad, flat petiole that replaces the blade of a foliage leaf.
(invertebrate zoology)
A petal-shaped group of ambulacra near the mouth of certain echinoderms.
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a petiole that is broadened in the shape of a leaf and fulfills the functions of the leaf blade, which is absent or partially reduced. Phyllodes are present in many Australian acacias and in some Australian cassias. Phyllodes characterize a number of plants that grow in the USSR, including Lathyrus missolia. Phyllodes apparently serve as an adaptation to a decrease in transpiration.

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Phyllodes tumours are seen predominantly in the 4th decade of life.
Post-operative biopsy report was also benign phyllodes tumor.
Phyllodes tumors of the breast: Natural history, diagnosis, and treatment.
They also assessed 10 phyllodes tumors and 5 primary breast sarcomas, which were all negative for p63.
Primary osteosarcoma of the breast is a rare and aggressive malignancy that should be differentiated from two other similar tumors: metaplastic carcinoma and cystosarcoma phyllodes. Due to the rarity and poor prognosis of this disease, it is important that radiologists recognize its mammographic features in order to ensure proper management and optimize patient outcomes.
Malignant phyllodes tumor, previously known as cystosarcoma phyllodes or periductal stromal tumor, is a lobulated and well-demarcated solid tumor with homogeneous or heterogeneous echo-texture.
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Based on the histopathological findings (small tumor size, well defined, with reduced nuclear atypia, without obvious tumor necrosis), there are few differential diagnosis of pleomorphic adenoma of the breast, such as: adenocarcinoma with cartilage/osseous metaplasia, stromal sarcoma, phyllodes tumor and fibroadenoma [2, 8].
Nuclear Survivin Expression in Stromal Cells of Phyllodes Tumors and Fibroadenomas of the Breast.
The six benign conditions derived by the system denoted by B1 to B6 include Fibrosis, Simple cyst, Hyperplasia, Fibro adenoma, Phyllodes tumour, and Fat necrosis and oil cyst.
Among 15 cases of benign breast lesions, 7(46%) patients had fibroadenoma, 5(33%) had fibrocystic changes and 1(7%) case each had fat necrosis, duct ectasia and benign phyllodes tumour.
The 57-year-old Labour MSP for Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn was 49 when she was diagnosed with a phyllodes tumour, a rare form of breast cancer.