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However, the "flowers" still show a mixture of flowerlike and inflorescencelike features: the common stamen-tepal superposition resembles an axillary relationship and can be considered more akin to "inflorescence" than to "flower"; the gynoecium is made up simply of carpels inserted on the floral axis and is consequently just like that of a conventional flower; the phyllotactic sequence of the "flower" is nevertheless continuous through the initiation of the stamen-tepal associations and the gynoecium.
We did not take into account the phyllotactic system of birch, because we have no knowledge of phyllotactic connections in old branches that have lost an unknown number of the original buds (Jones et al.
In dicots the cotyledons are often very different in form from the next-formed leaves, and they are usually not in the same phyllotactic pattern.
Concave meristems differ in that the central dome of the meristem occupies the center of a depression surrounded by raised tissues; concave meristems are found in plants with thicker, slower-growing stems with a tight phyllotactic spiral.