physical disability

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physical disability, physical handicap

Legally, any of the following handicaps: an impairment requiring the use of a wheelchair; an impairment causing difficulty or insecurity in walking or climbing stairs or requiring the use of braces, crutches, or other artificial supports; impairment (partial or total) of hearing or sight, causing likelihood of exposure to danger in public places; or impairment due to conditions of aging or incoordination. Also See Americans with Disabilities Act.
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In the trial, Avonex significantly reduced the risk of an increase in physical disability by 37% over two years.
Management of the service residential community for people with physical disability.
The physical disability condition was created by the use of a wheelchair, the learning disability condition was manipulated by stating that the teacher had reported having a learning disability in college, and the no disability (control) condition consisted of the omission of that statement.
The purpose of the present study was to systematically examine the effect of gender and physical disability on personal space.
Wright's constructs of psychosocial adjustment to physical disability as a framework for understanding adaptation to chemical dependency.
A second way to accommodate a child with a physical disability is through changes in the setting.
In 1963, Goffman recognized the stigma attributed to a person having a visible, physical disability.

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