physical disability

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physical disability, physical handicap

Legally, any of the following handicaps: an impairment requiring the use of a wheelchair; an impairment causing difficulty or insecurity in walking or climbing stairs or requiring the use of braces, crutches, or other artificial supports; impairment (partial or total) of hearing or sight, causing likelihood of exposure to danger in public places; or impairment due to conditions of aging or incoordination. Also See Americans with Disabilities Act.
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A federal court in New York ruled that the administrator of a long-term disability benefit plan did not act unreasonably when it categorized a claimant's bipolar disorder as a mental rather than a physical disability and thereby limited the claimant's benefits to a maximum of 18 months.
Colmenares sued Braemar for violating the FEHA, alleging discrimination based on a physical disability, among other claims.
Adaptation to physical disability: The experiences of five women aged fifty to sixty.
Karachi -- Pakistan cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has wished good luck and hoped that Pakistan Disabled Cricket team would perform well in Physical Disability World Series, which will be held in England from August 5.
According to the announcement of Media Manager Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association Mohammad Nizam, Rashid Latif, Amir Uddin Ansari, will give briefing to the Media Persons about the upcoming 2019 Physical Disability World series in England between Pakistan, with host England, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh physical Disabled Cricket teams which will be started from 5th of August 2018 Worcestershire, they will also announce the traveling program of Pakistan Physical Disability Cricket Team, Schedule of Matches, and other Officials will also present on the occasion.
KARACHI -- Pakistan will face hosts England in the title-deciding fixture final of the T20 Physical Disability Tri-series after the third and final round of league matches were decided in Worcester on Tuesday.
Using weighted logistic regression models, the team assessed the association between normalised grip strength and physical disability, diabetes and other metabolic disorder.
A YOUNG cricketer from Bebington High Sports College has been selected for the England Physical Disability Cricket team.
A NEW forum for people with a physical disability living in Middlesbrough will be launched tomorrow.
The ABA Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law now divides the legal rights of persons with mental and/or physical disabilities into these areas of study: civil disability discrimination law, criminal mental health and disability law, and civil mental disability law.
A COVENTRY sports centre has issued a 'come and join us' appeal to physical disability groups.

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