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As physical education programs moved from a participatory discipline to a more "academic" discipline, trying to achieve the respect that other science-based disciplines seemed to enjoy, researchers in the field pointed out the differences in various fields of study and warned about the effect this movement would have on physical education.
Physical educators saw little-to-no issue with the curriculum content of their provinces' physical education programs.
Ryan and Rossi (2008) connect Health and Physical Education with the four resources model:
This means that Health and Physical Education can contribute to the development of literacies at varying levels.
The stand-off between the state government and the physical education teacher fraternity is feared to adversely affect the fortunes of Kerala's budding sports persons.
Lesson teacher also plays a critical role in developing positive attitudes for physical education in pupils.
Writing in the physical education class: writing assignment in physical education, in addition to enhancing general literacy, have content-specific values- such as reinforcing key concepts.
Meanwhile, in Washington state, one physical education teacher at Tahoma High School has been employing fly-fishing and rock climbing as part of an "Outdoor Academy" program that also involves English Language Arts and environmental science.
The physical education and sportsclassesthat are performed systematically within general education provide students with very important contributions in the issues of acting andincreasing their capabilities, ensuring their physical fitness, obtaining health information, life events, and attainment of positive social skills (Pangrazi, 2001).
A panel of two experts, selected because of their experience in the field of adapted physical education and in conducting qualitative research, was recruited to ensure the content validity of the interview questions.
Visible from the table 2, the impact of the current special education school physical education teaching in charge of the leadership of the impact of factors accounted for 14-7%.
Experts believe that physical education (PE) is necessary and essential in school for students at every grade (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1997; NASPE, 1995; & McGinnis, Kanner, DeGraw, 1991) and as a graduation requirement (AAHPERD, 1997).

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