physical handicap

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physical disability, physical handicap

Legally, any of the following handicaps: an impairment requiring the use of a wheelchair; an impairment causing difficulty or insecurity in walking or climbing stairs or requiring the use of braces, crutches, or other artificial supports; impairment (partial or total) of hearing or sight, causing likelihood of exposure to danger in public places; or impairment due to conditions of aging or incoordination. Also See Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Waqar said it is under PCB's knowledge that there are only two bodies working for the physical handicap players in Pakistan including Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association (PDCA) and PCAPH under Abbas Hashmi as its Chairman.
Some eventually wondered aloud if they hadn't perhaps gone too far in protecting his privacy, but it never would have occurred to any of them that a physical handicap should be a target for jokes or what passes today for satire.
Statistics show that one child out of 25 is affected by hereditary diseases because of genetic disturbance in the first 25 years of his life, including mental retardation or physical handicap.
A physical handicap, a reduced capacity to understand games, and behavioral problems can all pose obstacles to the child's full participation in sports, said Dr.
You have to address the entire patient--the psychological and the physical handicap of being paraplegic, and the alteration in body image," Murray said.
They have shown they are harder workers and therefore look like reliable providers; in sum, they are in a position to compensate for their physical handicap.
Racial discrimination, shyness or feelings of inferiority, physical handicap, educational disadvantage were impediments to overcome but not impediments to prevent these heroes from achieving their goal.
More a police procedural than a romance, SILENT WEAPON is a fine tale starring a heroine who overcomes her recent physical handicap by being all she can be.
Thus, the cost of medical care includes the cost of attending a special school designed to help students compensate for, or overcome, a physical handicap, and to qualify them for future normal education or for normal living (e.
Author Roger Crawford will provide the inspirational speech, which will address living life with humor and a positive attitude despite his physical handicap.
Medical care also includes the cost of the dependent's attending a special school designed to compensate for or overcome a physical handicap or to qualify him or her for future normal education or normal living.