physical optics

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Physical optics

The study of the interaction of electromagnetic waves in the optical range with material systems. The optical range of wavelengths may be taken as the range from about 1 nanometer to about 1 millimeter.

The explanation of the absorption, reflection, scattering, polarization, and dispersion of light by a material medium in terms of the properties of the atoms and molecules making up the medium is the objective of physical optics. In the course of seeking this objective, physicists have found that optical investigations are powerful methods of determining the structures of atoms and molecules and of large systems composed thereof. See Atomic structure and spectra, Crystal optics, Diffraction, Dispersion (radiation), Electromagnetic radiation, Electrooptics, Faraday effect, Fluorescence, Interference of waves, Laser, Light, Magnetooptics, Molecular structure and spectra, Polarized light, Reflection of electromagnetic radiation, Refraction of waves, Scattering of electromagnetic radiation, Spectroscopy

physical optics

[′fiz·ə·kəl ′äp·tiks]
The study of the interaction of electromagnetic waves in the optical frequency range with material systems.
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Caption; This Physical Optics flexible display exemplifies the hi-tech systems that are in the making.
Kim, "Improvement of iterative physical optics using previous information to guide initial guess," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Chapter 5 focuses on high frequency RCS prediction techniques and includes geometric and physical optics, diffraction theory and surface traveling-wave antennas.
Presenting companies include GE, Air Force research Lab, Lockheed Martin, Stanford University, Reebok, Avery Dennison, Body Media, Shimmer Research, Physical Optics Corp.
Numerical techniques developed to analyze an open-ended cavity include low-frequency methods, such as the method of moments (MoM) [1,2], finite element method (FEM) [3,4], and finite different time domain (FDTD) [5-7], and high-frequency methods, such as geometrical optics (GO) [8,9], geometrical theory of diffraction (GTD) [10], physical optics (PO) [11, 12], and the physical theory of diffraction (PTD) [13,14].
Finally, Physical Optics Corporation (POC), another California company, was considering diversifying its production of precision industrial HOEs on DCG into the giftware market.
This relies on physical optics, and addresses specialized applications in aeronautic RADAR as well as antenna radiations aboard very large sized naval ships.
In this paper, time-domain iterative physical optics (TDIPO) is proposed to consider the multiple scattering effects, which is common in scattering analysis of combinative target and could not modeled easily with time-domain physical optics (TDPO) [25].
Dinesh has extensive experience, having trained at Richmond Holographic Studios (UK), after graduating from London University in physics, then working at Applied Holographics, Physical Optics Corporation and American Bank Note Holographics, where Joy was working as a holographer.
Al-Azzawi (photonics engineering, Algonquin College, Canada) offers a textbook on the basic theoretical principles of physical optics and industrial applications in such areas as lasers and fiber optics.
Geometrical optics is his main concern, though he crosses into some fundamental areas of physical optics as well.

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