physician's assistant

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physician's assistant:

see physician assistantphysician assistant
(PA), health-care professional who provides patient services ranging from taking medical histories and doing physical examinations to performing minor surgical procedures; often called physician's assistant.
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Ratts had properly supervised his physician's assistant.
Beiler filed a complaint with the Florida Division of Medical Quality Assurance on January 27 against physician's assistant Dawn Pope-Wright and supervising physician John Hartman.
Both the physician's assistant and the doctor gradually decide how much he or she can do.
When the plaintiffs proposed to change the testimony of their previously identified experts to support their theory based on the alleged negligence of the physician's assistant being imputable to the defendant, the trial court was found to have correctly interpreted this as a violation of the pretrial agreement between the parties.
This was just one of the issues with which Georgia courts were confronted in this unusual case involving a Physician's Assistant.

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