piano hinge

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continuous hinge, piano hinge

A hinge having the same length as the moving part to which it is applied.
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Piano hinges allow the blind frames to fold up and down.
NSN 5305-00-225-3842 brings 100 of the screws that mount the piano hinge to the door.
With a hacksaw, cut the piano hinge to match the width of the frame.
A piano hinge installed on the starboard side of the bench allows it to open into the center of the boat, which permits access to storage space beneath.
The extra-thick walls have a molded-in whitetail relief, and an aluminum valance and continuous piano hinge to add strength and security.
Two 6-foot-long 1 -by-2 cleats were screwed to wall studs; the 16- by 72-inch counter, of 3/4-inch painted plywood framed on three sides with 1 -by-3s, swings down on a piano hinge mounted to the bottom cleat.
As practical as it is impressive, the desk's removable top, piano hinge and chain, functional lock and key, pullout desk supports, and innovative storage make this a must have piece.
Made of tile mounted On 3/4-incb plywood, the 16by 24-inch top pivots on a brass piano hinge set along the back edge.
Tenders are invited for Piano Hinge 40X1980mm Mild Steelas Per Is:3818-1986 Figure-1 Type-Ii
Photo: Piano hinge should first be screwedto 1/8-inch-deep rabbet cut in door, then screwed to side wall
Tenders are invited for Continuous Piano Hinge 40X1824 Plus Or Minus 5 Mm Without Holes Is:3818-92 With Amendment No.
The L-shaped brace, 24 inches wide and high, is secured to the side of the cabinet with another piano hinge.