piano hinge

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continuous hinge, piano hinge

A hinge having the same length as the moving part to which it is applied.
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Piano hinges allow the blind frames to fold up and down.
The upper and lower halves of the case should be held together by a sturdy piano hinge and strong latches, it should also be sealed by a rubber gasket to prevent moisture entry.
NSN 5305-00-225-3842 brings 100 of the screws that mount the piano hinge to the door.
5 inches, mounted to a full length piano hinge that opens completely.
He said they were putting the trim and piano hinge on and would have it for us by 5:00pm.
I used a piano hinge that I happened to have on hand, but two conventional hinges would work just as well.
I attached the inner cabinet walls to this wide panel and affixed a front-opening door with a piano hinge.
Instead of attaching the fabric directly to the drum, Rytec attaches it to a piano hinge, Sonn explains.
A continuous piano hinge at the back adds strength.
1/2-sheet of 1/2-inch particle-board 1 30-inch piano hinge with screws 4 feet of lightweight chain 4 1/2-inch aluminum screw posts Woodworker glue 1 1/4-inch finish nails Wood filler Sandpaper Paint or stain and sealer
A piano hinge installed on the starboard side of the bench allows it to open into the center of the boat, which permits access to storage space beneath.
The extra-thick walls have a molded-in whitetail relief, and an aluminum valance and continuous piano hinge to add strength and security.