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(1) An Italian name for the peso, an old Spanish coin.

(2) The monetary unit of Turkey under the laws of 1844 and 1916, also known as the kurus; in practice, a form of change equal to 1/100 of a Turkish lira or to 40 para.

(3) The monetary unit of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Syria, the Sudan, and Lebanon, equal to 1/100 of a pound. The piaster in these countries is issued both in the form of coins and banknotes.

(4) 1/100 of a Jordanian dinar.

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People will be able to receive messages for free, while sending SMS will cost 3 piasters per message and MMS will cost 9 piasters per message, no matter how many recipients.
The dollar exchange rate went up by two piasters, recording LE 17.
In the last year, the government announced new tariff for the purchase of power from the private sector, and identified 82 piasters per kilowatt of wind power and 1.
At the Arab African International Bank, the dollar exchange rate went up by two piasters, recording LE 17.
The green benchmark lost 20 piasters against the Egyptian pound on Tuesday.
The simple fact is that had had increased the price of petroleum products by 17 piasters per annum starting in 2000, the total debt of the Egyptian government today would have been zero.
A7la offer, with no monthly fees and no minimal top ups, gives the customers the opportunity to talk to all Orange mobile and Orange fixed customers for 1/2 piaster at night and for 3 piasters during the day.
The dollar price went down by 2 piasters reaching LE 17.
The ministry's plan stipulates that the first tax segment on cigarettes will be EPG 18 instead of EGP 13 with a tax increase of 50 piasters, sources said.
The monthly fees of the new Army offers were reduced by 24 percent than the previous offer, and while on-net calls continue to be 2 piasters per minute; calls to fixed were reduced by 43 percent, while other networks reduction will vary between 9 percent and 30 percent.
At the Commercial International Bank (CIB), the dollar exchange rate dropped by two piasters registering LE 17.
Mansoura Poultry will pay cash dividends of 60 piasters per share and a 0.