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(1) An Italian name for the peso, an old Spanish coin.

(2) The monetary unit of Turkey under the laws of 1844 and 1916, also known as the kurus; in practice, a form of change equal to 1/100 of a Turkish lira or to 40 para.

(3) The monetary unit of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Syria, the Sudan, and Lebanon, equal to 1/100 of a pound. The piaster in these countries is issued both in the form of coins and banknotes.

(4) 1/100 of a Jordanian dinar.

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From west to east, it includes Srigina Island, Lion Islet (Stora), cliffs of Skikda, Cap de Fer Islet, Saint Piastre Island (Kef Amor), Edough peninsula, Cap Rosa, Laouinet Islet and Cap Roux.
More seriously, it weakens the cumulative power of his strongest analysis and argument about the nature of the French financial effort, the confusion of purpose and priorities in the way the war was fought, and the importance of the overvaluation of the piastre.
In addition to that, diesel prices also increased from 235 piastres to EGP3.
Sometimes, I have to lower the price and sell one piece for 75 piastres (less than one pound] lest the pears perish.
The governorate said the white taxi's meters will now start from LE 5 instead of LE 4 for a one kilometer journey, with each subsequent kilometer priced at LE 2, up 25 piastres from the previous rate of LE 1.
Turmel insiste plutot sur le fait que ceux-ci contribuent, tout comme les allocations familiales, au revenu du menage, de sorte que << ne sont pas rares les familles ou il entre cent piastres et plus par semaine >> (45) et qui peuvent donc, en employant << judicieusement >> leur revenu, s'assurer l'aisance et se premunir contre les mauvais jours.
The purchase of electricity and petroleum products being produced by the garbage recycling factories at trial prices of 92 piastres per kw/h, with payment in Egyptian pounds are approved by the cabinet.
23 (3) Il devra posseder, pour son propre usage et benefice, comme proprietaire en droit ou en equite, des terres ou tenements tenus en franc et commun socage,--ou etre en bonne saisine ou possession, pour son propre usage et benefice, de terres ou tenements tenus en franc-alleu ou en roture dans la province pour laquelle il est nomme, de la valeur de quatre mille piastres en sus de toutes rentes, dettes, charges, hypotheques et redevances qui peuvent etre attachees, dues et payables sur ces immeubles ou auxquelles ils peuvent etre affectes.
Reconnoissent les dits Iroquois avoir recu les Sommes suivantes en avance & aCompte des presentes Savoir Pierre le Chef trois cens piastres et recevra a Son depart Cent Piastres de plus, Charles, cent piastres et recevra cent Piastres de plus en partant Louis Cent piastres et ne recevra davantage Guillaume Cinquante Piastres et recevra a son depart Cinquante Piastres de plus les dts Piastres de Cinq chellins Courants chaque.
For 10 piastres, they could reach Martyrs' Square or Furn al-Shubbak.
Haggard's opening gambit, detailing the "violence" and dissolution attending the archaeological dig, in which acquisitive interlopers "sell" the "very bones for a few piastres to the last ignorant tourist who came their way" (Cleopatra 1-2) foreshadows Cleopatra's ruse to steal the subterranean trinkets so as to fund her opulent lifestyle.
For generations, Egypt's government has fed the public by distributing subsidised flour to bakeries, which sell bread for as little as 5 piastres a loaf, less than one US cent.