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social gathering at which each participant generally brings food to be shared. The Picnic Society was formed in London early in the 19th cent. by a group of fashionable people for purposes of entertainment. Each member was expected to provide a share of the entertainment and of the refreshments, and this idea of mutual sharing or cooperation was fundamental to the original significance of the picnic. Later the word took on the additional meaning of an outdoor pleasure party. The word as now used includes almost every type of informal, outdoor meal or festivity, such as clambake, barbecuebarbecue
[West Indian or South American], in the United States, traditionally an open-air gathering, political or social, in which meats are roasted whole over a pit of embers and food and drink are liberally enjoyed.
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, or fish fry. The custom of cooperative dining is ancient; Greek men held symposia where the guests ate and discussed important matters.
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But for the rest of the week she talked picnic and thought picnic and dreamed picnic.
On Sunday Anne confided to Marilla on the way home from church that she grew actually cold all over with excitement when the minister announced the picnic from the pulpit.
I don't think I'd ever really believed until then that there was honestly going to be a picnic.
The woodland picnic area offers a pleasant place to relax.
Priced at PS45, each adult picnic serves two with generous portions of summery food, prepared that morning.
Isle of Anglesey County Council's Waste Management Section have been working with the school to teach children how to minimise the waste associated with an everyday picnic and the school sat down to enjoy tasty treats without any of the rubbish that a normal picnic might generate.
The survey, carried out to mark National Picnic Week which runs until Sunday, also found the North East to be the region most likely to take a dog on the picnic at 20%, while only 7% of picnickers would pack electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones or radios.
uk, PS16 PICNIC BLANKET save House by John Lewis oilskin picnic rug, www.
From left are Anna Quire, Robert Lennox, Rebekah Hayes and Nathan Bibbon of After Adoption, who are planning their picnic
Free Poppy Picnic packs are available from Iceland.
But Electric Picnic chiefs have promised that all 35,000 punters who attended last year will be given a chance to get a cutprice ticket.
Last year the Pink Picnic, a celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender life, attracted thousands to Greenhead Park.